Taking Flight.

Continuing to pair visual with sonic aesthetic, I was asked to develop a live video component for my friend/roommate/biz partners’ band, Convoys.

Things that were great about this opportunity:
• Cinecycle is the venue with 80″+ screen and HD projector
• Convoys play garage dance music – this made sourcing highly dynamic video for FX processing a very fun and entertaining task
• The crowd makes the movements; I just cue up and play along with the band, timing visual jumps in time with the rooms’ energy
It also helps that it was Movember and Jason’s (lead singer, Convoys) moustache was in “full” effect.

The clip above was shot by Katia Trudeau (http://www.foundinlove.com) and features Convoys, Skinny Bitches (opening act) and sourced visuals made sound-reactive by Band Media.