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New Year, Same Agenda.

As another freshly minted year unwraps itself and marching into the sunlight, I’ve made a conscious decision to continue down the path I’ve carved, digging deeper into the ideas, approaches and technologies that I became enamoured with over the past year and a half.

The concept of space; expressions of dimensions and how we create means and methods of spatial representation, and the aesthetic qualities we attach to these.

Movement and progression through a spatial construct over time.

Ripples and reactions as a result of these movements. Feedback. Response.

The sleeves are rolled up. The brow is furrowed. The chase remains.

Current inspirations:

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Andrew Seale performs under the moniker, Revelstoke, and is known to weave spacious textures with his looped guitar, banjo, harmonica and voice. His songs are portraits of idyllic moments, wistful nostalgia and pure Canadiana.

I put together some clips of archival footage, sourced some animations and put it all together in VDMX for projection at his show at the Rivoli in Toronto this past Tuesday. Here’s a short clip from the soundcheck…

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Last week I was asked to put together a proposal for an interactive visual display for the launch of a new mobile phone product. The conversation started with video and animation concepts, progressed into interactive responsiveness and eventually led to discussions on including social tech in conjunction with all of the above.

And why the hell not?

So I found a quick solution via Quartz Composer (of course) using this nifty little patch. Although this patch is designed for another live visual platform, it’s QC…so it goes where I want it to. The result – I have realtime Twitter (@CBCNews) feed updating while I’m able to manipulate video and sound. Tough living.

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Coming soon – Albus

Currently working on a new live visual+audio project, using some new tools, visual references and a whole lotta atmospheric sounds.
Just picked up a Novation launchpad and spent the last few days totally immersed in it. Here’s a little clip of what’s in the work.

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Cinema 4D

Circles doing crazy things.

In my quest to realize dreams visually, I was led to Cinema 4D.

While I’ve only begun to dabble, Mr. Div (Matthew DiVito) is already killing.

Inspiration breeds perseverance.

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I should move to the Netherlands…these guys are constantly killing it.

Interior redesigns courtesy of Mr. Beam.

Multi-projection. ~ a dozen concepts. Nice transitions.


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Polar EQ

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